Fitness Boot Camp 

What is a Fitness Boot Camp A fitness boot camp is composed of a group of people wanting to be fit and healthy along with their instructors. What is the difference of fitness bootcamp compared to just regular fitness or going to the gym alone, a boot camp provides you a much faster approach in getting fit since it is fully loaded with programs and exercises. Along the ways you will be pushed and motivated since you have other people to compete to personal trainers with provide various challenging activities to make working out fun and enjoyable. Some people love the challenge boot camps are recommended for people who have great stamina and energy since going to boot camp is like going to a battlefield we always need to make sure that we came prepare both physically and mentally. A fitness boot camp is usually done outdoors it might be held in a field, a gym, or a fitness facility. It is filled with groups of exercises and trainings. Boot Camps are made to motivate a person to push harder in staying fit and at the same time build a friendly relationship as a group. Instructors are there to help you, push and motivate you to do your exercises and as for some they find it enjoyable and challenging. Boot camps offer a lot and also that it is affordable.  

Boot Camp 

How does Santa Clara Boot Camp Work 

  • Instructors will be forming a group 
  • Will go to the location 
  • Instructors will review the rules in the boot camp to make sure everyone stay safe 
  • Warm Up 
  • Work Out 

What are the workouts in a boot camp?  There are a lot of workouts that you can never imagine but here is some workout so you can be guided. 

  1. Push ups 
  2. Squats 
  3. Lunges 
  4. Team Competitions 
  5. Partner exercises 
  6. Obstacle courses 
  7. And a lot more 

Going into a boot camp is like being a military joining for war you always need to be sure to come in prepared. What you need to know? 

  • Always make sure to be hydrated drinking water from time to time will really help you and you can always bring sports drink 
  • Always be in a good body and mind conditions you need to make sure that you are doing this because you want it and you need it having a positive mind provide positive outcome and your body follows. 
  • Deep breaths, Inhale, Exhale, always be in a good mood being stress over something will not do you good 
  • Always make sure to listen and follow all the rules that you have in your boot camp always follow your instructors because they would know what is best for you and what is the proper way to do it 
  • Never stop pushing yourself always believe that you can do it 
  • Drink Sports drinks after since it is field and loaded with electrolytes you always need to replenish your body since a lot of sweat was lost in your few hours of training